Effective to dissolve dead skin cell, enriched with natural moisturizer and vitamin that can make your skin soft and firm.

Available: 1800 in stock

Anti-cavity toothpaste with calcium and fluoride that strengthen your teeth and fortify the enamel to fight cavity.

Available: 1150 in stock

Kris Black & Shiny Shampoo with urang aring extract effective to make shiny black hair, enriched with nutri complex proteins and pro vitamin B5 that makes every hair feel smooth.

Available: 1800 in stock

Formulated with nabati disinfectant that can kill germs at your floor. Available with pine scent.

Available: 956 in stock

B29 Floor Cleaner with a new concept "Sparkling & Fresh", makes your floor not only sparkling clean but also shine longer. Combined with special pine tree extract to give it a fresh and long lasting scent.

Available: 993 in stock

Hair fragrance that produces coolness on scalp. Helps treat damaged hair and prevents unpleasant odor.

Available: 3100 in stock

Citrus Pillow fruity soap will leave your skin feeling fresh at all times. Available in wide range of fruit flavours.

Available: 3000 in stock

A specially formulated soap for juvenile skin, free from irritation and blemish. Contains double moisturizer and milk extract to provide nourishment for your active child.

Available: 3000 in stock

Beauty soap that uses the best quality and specially selected French perfume and moisturizer, leaving an alluring and long-lasting perfume scent.

Available: 1560 in stock

Our best selling healthy soap that contains TCC to kill harmful bacteria and germs. Highly recommended for those with active outdoor activities.

Available: 2100 in stock

A special perfumery product with elegant and long-lasting parfume.

Available: 1700 in stock

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