PRODUCT DESCRIPTION :   Condition : New Brand : Nukita Material : 100% made from organic stevia dry...

Available: 1 MT in stock

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION :   Condition : New Brand : Nukita or Private Label Material : 100% made from organic stevia dry leaf. Our Stevia plant is certified from Balai Pengawasan dan Pengujian Mutu Benih (Seed Quality Control And Testing Bureau). Package : 5 pcs, ...

Available: 1 MT in stock

* Description : Made perfectly with the mature of top grade tobacco and tree-matured cloves which is blended according a special recipe through generations over a decade.

Available: as per requested in stock

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : - Form : Chip - Origin : Merauke, Papua, Indonesia - Color : Dark Brow - Stock : 5-10 (ready July 2017) This Agarwood / Gaharu is original from Merauke, Papua. Why Agarwood or Gaharu is expensive ? The answer is simple, because it's RARE...

Available: 1-5 kg in stock

Our Organic Fertilizer product is NPK bio-organic kind of fertilizer. This product contains of 65% organic materials and 35% non-organic materials. NPK (Nitrogen- Phosphate - kalium/Potassium) is macro elements from this product. The percentage quantity from our product is 5% nitrogen, 2% phosphate, and 1% potassium.

Available: 15000 in stock

Coffee Beans from Agro Global Sentosa is a global leading coffee merchant.  We commercialize both Arabica and Robusta qualities to support worldwide clients ranging from multinational food and beverage chains to soluble coffee retailers and specialty coffee roasters
The breadth and depth of our coverage of the global wholesale...

Available: 10 Ton/ Month in stock

Green Bean Coffee Arabica First Grade (Grade A) Humidity: max. 12% Damages per 300 gr : 0% Harvest: every year on July - August Available quantity: ± 20 mt from Nusa Tenggara

Available: 17-20 tons in stock

We specialize in producing various kinds of low caffeine coffee/decaffeinated coffee: - Solvent Free - No Chemical Added - No Artificial Flavour Added   If you have any queries, please kindly do not hesitate to contact us.     Best...

Available: 500 kg in stock

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