Dried and unroasted of of Cacao bean

Available: 1 kg in stock

The Cocoa bean are harvested, seeds are extracted, and subjected to a process of fermentation and natural drying

Available: 50 MT/Month in stock

Hybrid Cocoa Bean First and Medium Grade Trinitario is for Hybrid Cocoa's name. Hybrid is mix between Criollo and Forastero varieties. It is considered to be of much higher quality than Forastero, has higheer yields and more resistant to disease than Criollo.  Harvest: every...

Available: 17-20 tons in stock

Cocoa Beans

cocoa beans

Min Order : 200 ton / tahun
By  timor mitraniaga

Available: 200 ton / thn in stock

Cocoa Original Indonesia Organic Process Type : Fermented and Non Fermented Quality Export

Available: 10 Ton per Month in stock

Available: 4700 MT /Year in stock

Available: 200 in stock

Edel Cocoa / Fine Cocoa is produced in limited volumes through cultivation management techniques and processed in a wash process.

Available: -

Bulk cocoa is produced through the management of cultivation techniques and is processed in a wash process.

Available: -

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