Aneka Tusma, Bringing Indonesian Craft to The World

21 Jan 2022, 13:35:00 (UTC+7)
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PT Aneka Tusma, one of the awardees for Primaniyarta Award 2021 is creative industry exporter located in Depok, West Java, producing household accessories and furniture from natural woven material. Aneka Tusma is working the export market by relaying on home textile, home decoration (deco trays, storage boxes, mirrors) and indoor furniture products.

Starting to export in 1991, the portfolio of their export products is growing. The company also able to make customized products (design and features) according to the overseas buyer’s needs. The keys of their success are their persistence and keenness to create networks and market through digital marketing. Digital marketing (online) is highly utilized to find business opportunities and new customers.

The company actively promoting their products through digital media to reach the potential buyers in overseas, using international ecommerce website. Their products catalogues are always posted in various electronic market place and always updated once there is update available. Aside from their active website, Aneka Tusma also providing direct selling both through online and social medias to their potential buyers in Europe and US.
Aneka Tusma known by the world by its one-of-a-kind Design Outline Quilted Cushion Cover, grew to be become a home textile makers specialized in their style of quilted cushion cover with hundreds of craft men and women supplying almost every major country in Europe.