Indonesia's Bird's Nests, Welcomed With Great Honour and Gratitude

22 Jan 2022, 13:19:00 (UTC+7)
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Edible bird nest is renownly known for its qualities for health and beauty such as to help with cough, influenza, maintain stamina and skin elasticity. The quality of bird’s nest is determined by the natural conditions of the cave. The best cave to produce bird’s nest is the deep humid cave and harvested before the wallet lay the eggs. Due to its high potential and the urgent need of supporting regulation, Ministry of Trade along with Ministry of Agriculture synchronize several regulations. “There is a common understanding to encourage export from Indonesia natural riches to obtain the best possible results for farmers”, said Minister of Trade, Muhammad Lutfi on official release (4/5/2021).

Indonesia is one of the largest bird’s nest producers in the world. In fact, 80% of world’s demand for bird’s nest is supplied from Indonesia. Over the last five years, Indonesia has been exported edible bird nest to the world with an average export value of more than USD 100 million annually which was listed as the world's main producer in 2019. Indonesia edible bird nest export in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 was very impressive, worth for USD 540,5 million increased 48,5% compared to 2019. Produsen sarang burung walet terbaik Indonesia di antaranya adalah PT Ori Ginalnest Indonesia, PT Masafante Indowalet, dan PT Realfood Winta Asia.

PT Ori Ginalnest Indonesia has been received recognition as best exporters in 2017, 2018 and 2019 from the People’s Republic of China, which is its main export destination. Founder of PT Ori has been involved in bird’s nest for 24 years and the employees of the company registered at 1600 people which contributing to reduce country’s unemployment rate. The exported bird’s nest from PT Ori is premium products with high value added. To market their export product, PT Ori intensively utilize digital marketing, ranging from its company’s website and social medias, to Orinest Supplier application and Orinest Bahan Baku to simplify the sales process.

PT Masafante Indowalet started with several birdhouses farming in Central Kalimantan in May 2011. By April 2012, establish an integrated edible bird’s nest company: from the farm in Kalimantan to processing unit in Tangerang, before arriving at stock point at the heart of Jakarta central business district. Masafante produces 100% pure and natural swiftlet’s nests from Indonesia, operating under a sustainable environment for the swiflets. Masafante only apply harvesting practices that ensure a sustained livelihood of the swiftlets in the area by only harvesting their nests once the baby swiftlets have left them naturally. Simultaneously, a network of markets in Singapore were established. Within six months, Masafante’s first export had made its way to Hongkong, and another network was rolled out to Guangzhou and Shanghai, China.

PT Realfood Winta Asia with its brand of Realfood is the Indonesia’s first bird’s nest drinks which modern and sterilized packed, to bolster the current healthy lifestyle. Founded in 2016, Realfood products has been certified with Halal standard, BPOM and ISO 22000 with modern technology. Realfood is safe to consume for all age ranges according to its product variations, which are Stay Fit, Royal Wellness, Forever Young, Hair Power, Bright Sight, Forever Glow, Pure Wellness, Super Mom, Wonder Mom and Ever Glow.

For centuries, bird’s nests have been known to be good for the health, and consuming them promotes better health on the inside and radiant looking skin on the outside. So, come enjoy Indonesia’s bird’s nests!

Yazki Mufliha - 14/01/2021