Indonesian Bicycle Build For Your Coziness

08 Mar 2022, 09:20:00 (UTC+7)
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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, people have had a new exercise habit. One of the exercises is cycling, where it is possible for people to keep a safe distance. Consumers seek various types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, and bicycles for racing purposes. It is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air for local Indonesian bicycle manufacturers. In addition to supplying domestic needs, the phenomenon of cycling during a pandemic also takes place in almost all parts of the world.

The trade data showed that the value of Indonesia's exports to the world for bicycle products (non- machines) in 2020 was USD 119.75 million. This value placed Indonesia in the 14th position for the world's bicycle exporter. This 2020 value recorded an increase of 33.74% compared to the 2019 value, which only reached US$ 89.54 million.

Meanwhile, from the side of the world's demand, 2020 recorded a value of US$ 9.15 billion, and this also faced an increase of 9.24% from 2019 with a value of US$ 8.37 billion. The United States and China recorded the largest import value with a value of US$ 1.49 billion, while Germany was in the next place with a value of US$ 816.21 million. These countries represent 25.31% of the world's demand for bicycle products, and it means that Indonesia's opportunity to increase the export for bicycles is wide open, remembering that the current export value for these countries is only at US$ 24.1 million.

In general, bicycle production in Indonesia consists of several sequences, which are the preparation of the frame (usually aluminium), bending process, braising the guide cables to the frame, making the bicycle rear axle triangles and bicycle body front triangles, welding process, bicycle body symmetrical test, bicycle frame and body pressure test, coating of anti-rust coating and primer, drying, painting, labelling, assembly (all bicycles’ components), and quality control.


In 2020, the total bicycles production in Indonesia was 4 million units, where in addition to meet domestic needs, bicycle production was also used for export purposes. There was a growth of 7.28% from the metal machinery, transportation equipment, and electronic industry in 2021, which was much better than the previous year which grew negatively by 9.26% in 2020. In 2021, the combination between the assistance and incentives programs, the still strengthening world demand for bicycle products, innovation along with the improvement of capacity and capability of Indonesian bicycle manufacturers, and the unfinished COVID-19 pandemic are expected to continue to increase the export of bicycle products from Indonesia to the world.

From the export side, at least 20 bicycle exporters from Indonesia come from various brands such as Insera Sena with the brand Polygon, Terang Dunia Internusa with the brand United Bike, Asia Sahabat Indah Agung with the brand Family, Roda Maju Bahagia and PT Asa Sukses International with the brand Element. We welcoming you to explore more our bicycle in inaexport and feel its coziness!

Farel Anjar Renato Purba - 08/03/2022