Indonesia Health Products for The World

24 Jan 2022, 19:35:00 (UTC+7)
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Pharmaceuticals and medical equipments industry have been government’s champion in the new normal era, considering the awareness of public regarding health is incredible. Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang, claimed there are 220 companies in the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia and 90% of them are focusing on downstream sector of drug and medicine production. According to Ministry of Health, until 2021, there are 241 drug producing companies, 17 drug material companies, 132 traditional medicine companies and 18 natural extracting companies. The medical facility production is also growing. From 2015 to 2021, the number of companies producing medical equipments rose from 193 to 891 companies.

Furthermore, in the last five years, medical equipments industry growing 361,66% or registered at 698 companies. Indonesia exporting pharmaceutical products and medical equipments to several countries, which are Netherlands, UK, Poland, Nigeria, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, South Korea and US. The two Indonesia’s pride exporters and also Primaniyarta 2021 awardees in medical sector are PT Bio Farma (Persero) and PT Dexa Medica.
PT Bio Farma’s competitive advantage in biotech expertise implemented through knowledge based and R&D base driven. The business focus of Bio Farma is in line with the philosophy to serve for better life quality. Bio Farma focuses on research, production development and marketing for biological and pharmaceutical products both in national and global scale. Bio Farma is actively participating in developing research and technology for vaccine, performing research on new vaccine to ensure the independence of national’s vaccine need, as well to ensure the availability of affordable and quality vaccine to the world.

PT Dexa Medica is hugely contributing in development of Modern Drug Made in Indonesia (OMAI) which extracted from Indonesia’s natural riches and developed using modern technology. OMAI consisted of Standardize Herbal Drug (OHT) which has passed the pre-clinical test and fitofarmaka which has passed the clinical tests. Today, 39 of 92 OHT and 32 of 37 registered fitofarmaka are producing by Dexa. Dexa has launched more than 50 new drugs in the last 5 years and has portfolio of more than 155 drugs. To cater the OGB market demand, Dexa produces more than 1 billion pills, vials, ampoule of drugs every year.