Introducing GESITS, The First Mass Produced Indonesia Electric Motorcycle

28 Sep 2022, 10:05:00 (UTC+7)
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Born from the joint venture operation between PT Wijaya Karya Industri & Konstruksi and PT GESITS Technologies Indo in 2018, PT WIKA Industri Manufaktur (WIMA) has been successfully mass producing the electrical motorcycle branded as GESITS. GESITS is collaboration project with various research and development universities in Indonesia, the most prominent one is Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). Available in three colours of white, black and red,a GESITS can be configured into single or double battery, which has driving range of 50 kilometres for single battery (or 100 kilometres for double battery) and can be fully charge from 0 for 3-4 hours and have 3 years warranty. GESITS has 6,7 horsepower and 30 Newton meter of torque, selected drive mode, maximum speed of 70 kilometre per hour, all LED lights, equipped with reverse transmission system and digital smart dashboard which can be connected with Android application to monitor vehicle’s condition.

Spare part availability and maintenance also worry-free factor for GESITS’ owner since the assembly factory is in Cileungsi, Bogor and already managed to obtain 46,7% of local contents level. PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) also support GESITS by providing electrical charging station in public places accessible for GESITS owners. Various regulation also has been ratified to speed up the adaptation of electrical vehicles in Indonesia, including GESITS. As for the export purposes, 40 GESITS has been exported to Senegal and next shipment is already scheduled. Various trade attaches and ITPC has been in contact to help promote and market GESITS in their respected accreditation countries, such as Australia and Uni Arab Emirates.

Interested? GESITS can also be seen in Permanent Trade Exhibition which located in second floor of Main Building of Ministry of Trade of Indonesia in Jakarta Indonesia for any buyer who interested to inspect and check the specifications.

Farel Anjar Renato Purba - 08/04/2022