La Dame In Vanilla, Indonesia's "Green Gold" For the World

22 Mar 2022, 09:40:00 (UTC+7)
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As one of the most expensive agricultural products, Vanilla got the title as a "green gold". In 2020, the price of Vanilla beans reached USD 200/kg, it even reaching its highest price in 2018, which was USD 650/kg. Fortunately, Indonesia is one of the largest vanilla producers in the world. In January 2022 the export value of Vanilla from Indonesia reached USD 2.2 million. This value shows a growth of around 103% compared to January 2021. Some of the main export destinations for Indonesian Vanilla are the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, and South Korea.

One of the biggest Vanilla exporters from Indonesia is La Dame in Vanilla which is located in Bali. This UMKM (micro, small and medium enterprises) managed by Lidya Danira and Muhammad Janglar Raharsa is collaborating with a group of Vanilla farmers in Bali, coordinated by I Wayan Rinaya DSW. Before being handed over to Lidya Danira, the vanilla harvested by I Wayan Rinaya DSW and his farmer group, where the crop is usually being tested first by the UNUD Lab and the test result is the average vanillin content is 3% per stem, higher than the general standard of 2.5% per stem. Besides exporting Vanilla Bean, La Dame in Vanilla also exports Vanilla Bean Paste and Vanilla Extract, with a production capacity of each item is 3,500 litres/year. The excellence of these Vanilla processed products is proven by Halal certificate, alcohol free, sugar free, gluten free, non-GMO and its composition only consists of Vanilla Beans and Vegetable Glycerine without any other additives.