Yup, Sasa Is Arriving In Kenya!

08 Apr 2022, 10:00:00 (UTC+7)
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Sasa brand as food seasoning is renowned in Indonesia and loved by many households. Sasa brand itself now has developed a comprehensive range of flavouring flours, broths, fried rice seasonings, and condiments, flavouring flours include varieties that are used in popular dishes and snacks; all are economical, delicious, complete, crunchy, and practical. Broths come in chicken and the beef flavours, whereas the fried rice seasonings come in four varieties: Special Chicken, Jawa, Kare Special, and Barbeque. In terms of condiments, Sasa focuses on tomato sauce and chili sauce; both types come in various sizes and packaging.

Fortunately, this love for seasoning is arriving in Kenya, where as part of effort to boost trade between Indonesia and Kenya and facilitated in the Hybrid Trade Showcase 2021, PT Rodamas Internasional had already successfully delivered and cleared the first shipment of Sasa food seasonings to their counterpart of Crown Brands. The shipment was one full 20 feet container containing 3400 cartons of Sasa Coconut Cream Liquid 200 ml, Sasa Coconut Cream Liquid 65 ml, Sasa Coconut Cream Powder 20 grams and Sasa Coconut Cream Powder 75 grams. In total, the shipment valued at USD 31.333,50.

The initial delivery is very vital since Kenya as new potential market provides greater opportunities for selected exported products from Indonesia. The Indonesian Embassy in Nairobi is very eager to cooperate and assist new exporters from Indonesia to market their products in Kenya. Interested exporters from Indonesia can also send their products’ sample to the newly established Soko La Gallery operating by Indonesian Embassy in Nairobi.

The latest data show total export of Indonesia to Kenya is USD 532,52 million, which is a 37,31% increase from the value in 2020 of 338,34 million. The top five non-oil and gas products according to 4 digit of HS code are 1511 (palm oil and its fractions) at USD 408,94 million; 7213 (bars and rods, hot-rolled) at USD 22,74 million; 4802 (uncoated paper and paperboard) at USD 20,08 million; 3823 (industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids) at USD 19,97 million and 5509 (yarn (other than sewing thread) of synthetic staple fibres) at USD 9,95 million.

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Farel Anjar Renato Purba - 08/04/2022