Beauty soap enriched with natural moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and soft.

Available: 1800 in stock

Beauty soap that uses the best quality and specially selected French perfume and moisturizer, leaving an alluring and long-lasting perfume scent.

Available: 2100 in stock

Effective to dissolve dead skin cell, enriched with natural moisturizer and vitamin that can make your skin soft and firm.

Available: 1800 in stock

B29 Floor Cleaner with a new concept "Sparkling & Fresh", makes your floor not only sparkling clean but also shine longer. Combined with special pine tree extract to give it a fresh and long lasting scent.

Available: 993 in stock

A special perfumery product with elegant and long-lasting parfume.

Available: 1700 in stock

A GMP certified mosquito repellent lotion with active ingredient that is effective to protect you from mosquito bites up to 10 hours. Suitable even for sensitive skin and rash free. Independently tested and verified.

Available: 1650 in stock

Refreshing and cool body mist spray with alluring fragrance to keep you confident at any occasion.

Available: 2750 in stock

Citrus Fresh Soap will leave your skin feeling fresh at all times.

Available: 1900 in stock

A specially formulated soap that contains rosemary and lavender oil to protect you from mosquito bites. Now enriched with TCC to kill harmful bacteria and germs.

Available: 2000 in stock

Our best selling hand body lotion now comes with enhanced fragrance and improved design.

Available: 1750 in stock

Citrus Pillow fruity soap will leave your skin feeling fresh at all times. Available in wide range of fruit flavours.

Available: 3000 in stock

Kris Black & Shiny Shampoo with urang aring extract effective to make shiny black hair, enriched with nutri complex proteins and pro vitamin B5 that makes every hair feel smooth.

Available: 1800 in stock

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