RBD Hydrogenated coconut oil is RBD CNO that gone through a hydrogenation process. RBD HCNO is a solid white fat in texture and a clear liquid if applied to heat. It can be used as the main raw material in food industries. Application of RBD Hydrogenated Coconut Oil (RBDHCNO) :
- Excellent for making candies and toffee
- ...

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In order for crude coconut oil to be suitable for consumption, it must be refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD). RBD Coconut Oil is used in coconut-based cooking oil, for food RBDCNO ( RBD Coconut Oil ) Specification, as follows :
Color in 5" cell : 0.7 RED (MAX)
Free Fatty Acid as Lauric : 0.075% (MAX)

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Cocopeat is a by-product of coconut after we extract the fiber from the coconut shell. In simple terms, cocopeat is a sponge made from crushed or softened coconut fiber. Cocopeat has the ability to hold large amounts of water like a sponge. It can be used for seeding nurseries, lawn and golf course, home gardening, and bedding in animal...

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Coconut coir is part of the mesocarp in the form of coarse coconut fibers. Coir is usually referred to as waste that is simply piled under coconut stands and then left to rot or dry. It can be used as raw material for making car seats, mattresses, ropes and much more. Coconut Fiber Spesifiction as follows : Colour : Golden...

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