Dried Fruit

Betel Nut

Min Order : 20 Feet / 18 Metric Ton
Description :
- Type: Dried
- Product Typ: Betel Nuts
- Grade: 80-95
- Quality: Well-dried
- Color: Brown
- Moisture: 5 % Max
- Shape: Split
- Impurity: 1% Max
- Place of Origin: Province Jambi, Indonesia
- Brand Name: According to buyer or custom request

Available: Supply Ability 500 Metric Ton/Month in stock

The areca nut also known as Betel nut is the fruit of the areca palm (Areca catechu), which grows in much of the tropical Pacific (Melanesia and Micronesia), Southeast and South Asia, and parts of east Africa.   The areca nut contains the tannins arecatannin and gallic acid; a fixed oil gum; a little terpineol; lignin;...

Available: 50 tons in stock

Black Pepper Whole Origin: Lampung, Kalimantan Barat Moisture content:  12% max Colour: dark brown blackish Size / density (g/l): 550 / ...

Available: 16000 kg in stock

Boiled Dried Betel Nut from Indonesia.

Commonly used for candy in China. Kindly visit our website www.agriindonesia.com

CV. Eternal Agriculture Indonesia is a privately owned company with a widely diversified customer based. We are committed...

Available: 10000 in stock

Available: 10000 in stock

Candlenut / Aleurites moluccana. Also known as Kemiri in Indonesia, Buah keras in Malaysia and Kukui nut in Hawai. SPECIFICATION : - New Crop Year - Type : Whole Candlenut or Split, (Pelled) ‚Äč- Place of Origin : Indonesia - Supply Ability : 50 MT per ...

Available: 50 MT in stock

Candlenut Whole Origin: NTT, Sulawesi Moisture content:  5% max Colour: light yellow with trace of white powder Mould: 2% max Foreign matter: 2%...

Available: 12000 kg in stock

Dried Fruit


Min Order : 20 Feet / 18 Metric Ton
Description : - Product Name: White Copra -Type: White Copra Half Cup - Color: White - Drying Process: Sun Dried And Oven Process - Grade: 1st Grade - Moisture Content: Max 7% - Features: Flexible - Material: 100% Natural - Place of...

Available: Supply Ability 100 Metric Ton/Month in stock

Cubeb (Piper Cubeba) Origin: Java Moisture content: 12% max Mould: 2% max Foreign matter: 1% max Broken seeds: 2% max Packaging: PP bag @50 kg or as request

Available: 1000 kg in stock

We offer dried noni fruit from Indonesia with MOQ 100 Kgs. Port of Loading Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya Indonesia

Available: 5000 Kgs in stock

A spice without which Indian cuisine would be incomplete, the most common variety of chilli used apart from red is the green. These are used with or without the stalks, whole or chopped, with seeds or deseeded. They are used fresh, dried, powdered, pickled or in sauces.
Not only spicy, there are many benefits of chili for body ...

Available: 10 - 20 Tons in stock

Dried Fruit

Nutmeg ABCD

Min Order : Based on inquiry
Cleaned, soft and round Nutmeg 1kg/pack (nutmegs per packs depending on the size) AB= 220nutmegs/kg ABC= 230nutmegs/kg ABCD= 240nutmegs/kg

Available: 10000 in stock