APPLICATION FOR DAMAR BATU Using for inks, polishes, vernishes, water resistant coatings, injection moulding material, naturak mosquito repellant

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Organic fertilizer that has been checked in the laboratory and has a production permit and distribution permit from the Indonesian government. Organic fertilizer that is completely without the addition of chemicals and is good for plants and agriculture which increases crop fertility and crop yields.

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Herbicides or weed killer is used to control unwanted plants Surfactan: Organic Glicoseacid Made in Indonesia

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1. Nutree-V a. Nama dagang/Trade brand : NuTree-V
b. Nomor Pendaftaran/Registration Number : 03.02.2020.414
c. Jenis Pupuk/Fertilizer Type : Hayati Majemuk
d. Bentuk Formula/Formula : Liquid
e. Warna/Color : Coklat/Brown
f. Ukuran kemasan/Packaging size: 1liter, 5 liter, 10L dan 20 liter

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The raw materials for BIO M2 are cow dung and urine that have been fermented through a biogas digester and added other organic materials so that they contain nutrients needed by plants such as Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium. BIO M2 has also been certified organic SNI.

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BIO POTASH Palm Bunch Ash is 100% organic fertiliser, derived naturally from oil palm empty fruit bunch. This bunch ash has long been used and recognised by planters as the best and the...

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·        Detil Beroperasi: Ekstrak Herbal Bagian: Daun dan...

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Gambir Adalah sejenis  getah  Yang dikeringkan Yang berasal Dari Ekstrak...

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