COCARBO the best coconut carbon charcoal from Indonesia, we are using the latest technology to produce Shisha Charcoal and the output is spectacular with baby skin surface charcoal.

Available: 72 Tons/ Month in stock

Hexagonal Shape Wood Charcoal Briquettes for Barbecue, Cooking, Heating. Raw materials: wood charcoal, cassava flour and water
process: wood charcoal is crushed then mixed with natural adhesives from cassava flour and water. Without using chemicals.
The catalysis process uses an Extrude Blending machine.

Available: 50 MT in stock

Raw : Mangrove Moisture content : 6.51% Ash content : 3.57% Volatile matter : 38.44% Fixed Carbon : 51.48% Size : 3-8cm

Available: 5000 in stock


Coco Charcoal Briquettes

Min Order : 18 ton atau 1 container 20 ft
By  PT. Energi Hijau...
We are a manufacturer of integrated charcoal briquettes that always prepare finish product in well managed and customized. Our main product is Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha or Hookahs and BBQ. We provide our customer with quality in type, shape, size and composition as per their request. Product specification as...

Available: 150 ton per bulan in stock

 Search Modes SEMUA BUKU BELANJA VIDEO GAMBAR BERITA MAPS PENERBANGAN ALAT PENELUSURAN Hasil Telusur Hasil Terjemahan Indonesia Inggris COCONUT FIBER is a crude fiber that is extracted from the outer fibrous skin of coconut. Coir fiber is relatively water resistant and is one of the few natural fibers that is resistant to damage...

Available: 15 in stock

Briquette Shisha and BBQ Moistur 7 - 10 % ASH 2- 3 % Calori 4500 - 7200 White ASH

Available: 100 MT in stock

Grade / Size : A/1/4" - 2" Moisture Content :...

Available: -

Product Description   Commodity                           : COCONUT SHELL...

Available: 3000 MT in stock

European Quality Raw Material : 100% Coconut Charcoal Shape : Cube 2.5x 2.5 x 2.5 Ash Content 2.5% Ash Color White Moisture 6%

Available: 2-4 container 20ft in a month in stock

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