PT. Binar Dini Mandiri Indonesia, one of coconut product manufacture in Indonesia which our Brand Java Blossom.   Our products have been sold in south korea and United Kindom as the finest products among similar products because we focus on creating the highest quality products. Our products...

Available: 100 ton/month in stock

Available: 300 in stock

This spread is a good choice for those who are chocolate and durian lover. It is a luxury spread with a whiff of durian flavor whenever the jar was opened. In this product, the full taste of chocolate complemented the sweetness of durian.

Available: 1200 in stock

This classic spread has a pleasant mouthfeel and a sweet milky profile. It is creamy, spreads well on just about anything (bread, cookies, etc.) and tastes like quality milk chocolate

Available: 1200 in stock

This spreadable chocolate, prepared with high quality ingredients that combine  the richness of chocolate and the nutty flavor from peanut. This spread is the perfect addition to prepare cakes, and breads.

Available: 1200 in stock

Dynakat is chocolate drink with real essence of what chocolate in a glass day should be. It has less sweetness with rich and smooth chocolate taste. There is no need to add sugar because it is ready to serve. Just add hot water and stir well, or you can add some ice cube if you prefer cold drink chocolate.

Available: 925 in stock

Dyna Pudding is a ready-made products with perfect taste and soft texture. This is supported by mixture of premium milk in each variant. A. Nothing but Mix Instant Pudding Whenever you just like to eat  pudding, you know that it will be easy to cook. Just adding...

Available: 680 in stock