Cokelat Kecak 90gr merupakan perpaduan citarasa kelembukan milk chocolate dan krenyesnya kacang macadamia

Available: 600pcs/hari in stock

Produk ini merupakan perpaduan dark chocolate dan milk chocolate yang ditambahkan kacang almond dan mente sebagai isian didalamnya

Available: 600pcs/hari in stock

BU JAYUS PEANUT SAUCE CANS PACKAGING  Netto weight     : 200 g Expired period  : 12 months Flavor                  : SPICY and MEDIUM 1 box content    : 12 cans   - Halal certification - ...

Available: 12000 in stock

High Quality Candlenut Export Quaity

Spesifikasi :
Whole Round
Clean, White
Vacuum Plastics Packing 200gram or custom

for additional information, you can visit to our website

Available: 20Tons in stock

Product Type: Beverage Taste: sweet Certification: ISO, HALAL Contents: Coconut Water Alcohol Content (%): 0 Packaging: Plastic Bottle Volume (L): 1 Shelf Life: 12 Months Place of Origin: Indonesia Brand Name: Nusa Fresh Product name: Nusa Fresh...

Available: 10000 Box/Boxes per Month in stock

High Fat Indonesia Desiccated Coconut Fine Grade Powder Bulk Price Coconut is a symbol of prosperity and health that is very useful starting from the roots to the tops of the leaves. Spreads are planted almost throughout the archipelago in Indonesia. As a country with the largest number of coconut plants in the...

Available: 18 TON in stock

Indonesia is the second biggest seaweed producer in the world, contributing to 38% of the global seaweed market. Seaweed cultivation in Indonesia is largely concerned with the production of carrageenan. Extracted from edible seaweeds, this by-products is used widely in the food and cosmetic industries as a natural gelling agent. We provide the...

Available: -

Palm sugar herbal drink is made from natural spices. The main composition of Gentong Mas is: 1. Palm Sugar 2. Habbatusauda 3. Clove 4. Cinnamon 5. Black Pepper 6. Nutmeg With these ingredients and measurements, making Gentong Mas herbal ingredients beneficial to the ...

Available: 28800 in stock

Global Sari Markisa is a premium passion fruit syrup made from selected passion fruits from highlands of South Sulawesi.

Available: 2000 liters in stock

Granule Palm Sugar (Aren, Kelapa, Lontar) Export Quality Type of Granule Palm Sugar :
-Coconut ( Cocos Nucifera )
-Aren ( Arenga Pinnata )
-Lontar ( Borassus Flabellifer )

Spesifikasi :
Nira Palma (Aren/Coconut/Lontar)
Kadar Air <3%

Available: 18 Tons in stock

Spicy palm sugar drink with the addition vegetable creamer. The main compotitions of Guchie Mas are : 1. Palm Sugar 2. Habbatussauda 3. Cloves 4. Nutmeg 5. Black Pepper 6. Cinnamon 7. Vegetable Creamer With these ingredients and measurements, making Guchie ...

Available: 4000 in stock

Other Food & Beverage


beberapa produk yang didistribusikan dan diproduksi oleh cv. hs karya bunda adalah 1. huda food kacang sembunyi bisa order per kg atau pcs (kemasan kotak 115gr minil 100 2. tepung roti merk primera panko ada beberapa varian, mix, orange, dan white, bisa sak2an, bisa kemasan 250 gr, 500 gr, dan 900 gr.... 3. pia lets ...

Available: 100 in stock

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