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Raw Materials: bamboo, waterproof Height : 11.5cm Diameter: 6-7cm Weight : 125 - 175 gr Retail price: US$ 4.35 This bamboo glass for drinking is convenient for use in cafe or coffee shop. This bamboo cup is unique and adds the sweet taste to coffee and tea. *You can reserve this bamboo cup according to your desirable design and size. #foodgrade...

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Versatile handbag. Made from woven bamboo typical Kalitapen Village, Banyumas Regency

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Tumbler / Bamboo tumbler - Simple and trendy models
- Comfortable to use Material:
Tumbler / tambler / stainless covered with bamboo as a protector Size:
Height 25 cm
Diameter 6.5 cm Can custom logo

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beach headrest and beach windscreen for relax in beach, with material bamboo and batik cloth very artristic and comfertable

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Peacock Windchime Bamboo Colorful | Home Decoration | Handicraft

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Set 0f 3 tray rattan wicker in grey koboo

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