Bamboo Leaf Rake for clean the garden and backyard. with below specification :   Material Natural Bamboo

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coconut peat is a multi-purpose growth medium made from coconut shield. the coir shell is prewashed, machine dried,siften and free of sand and other contaminants such as animal and planth residues. coconut peat is a very good alternative to traditional peat moss and rock woll. the air is filled with porosity and high water holding capacity making...

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Cocofiber is a fiber from coconut coir that has been milled in the form of long hair and is generally golden yellow or brown in color. Coco Fiber or coconut coir fiber is a processed product from coconut to produce coir fiber that has many benefits

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coconut shell charcoal made from dry brown shell (coconut) and burned using an iron drum, the burning process is carried out gradually, 1/4 part is burned first until it lights up, after burning all the inputs are again 1/4 part again and so on until full. After complete combustion the drum is closed with an iron plate covered with clay, if all...

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Cocopeat is a hydroponic growing medium which includes organic media because it is made from natural ingredients, namely coir or coconut shell. Cocopeat is also one of the coconut coir products (planting media derived from coconut) which is popular in Indonesia in addition to other types of coconut coir such as coco fiber and coco chips. The...

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Kassa or safety net of building projects or so order to achieve development components that may fall down that could cause harm.Kassa has a tighter cavity with a whole green material.For the size of the width or length can adjust to the wishes.and for purchases with a large amount of price can be negotiated.

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NETT net with gaping hole between seams is color and texture is a bit hard. Has a width size and length of 1.2m X 100m / roll Has a weight of 9-13Kg / roll The price we offer above that is the unit price. NEGOTIATING PRICES FOR LARGE BOOKINGS

Available: 9-13 Kg in stock

Our specifications for High Quality Palm Broomstick is :
Length : 90 – 120cm
Color : Yellowish Greendish (Clean)
Condition : Well Dried (Under the sun)
Quality : Premium
Loading Port : Belawan, Indonesia

Available: 250 Ton in stock

PARANET is a net used as the roof of a plant house (Greenhouse) where the function of the net is to induce or keep the plant from scorching sunlight and excessive sunlight radiation.Paranet / shading net serves to regulate the intensity of incoming sunlight, withstand rainwater, and protect plants from pest attacks.Paranets can be used as...

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POLYNET is a safety net of building avoid building components or construction falling directly down which is very dangerous if there are humans underneath.This polynet net is blue, with a standard size of 1.2m X 100m - 1.3m X 100m in 1 roll.with an average weight of 1 roll 7-9 Kg.The price we offer above is the unit price.and...

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Waring RK PRIORITAS with a very compact edge wean and tight between seams.   also supported by double thread strength of more than 1 layer

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