Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal


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Palm Kernel Shells share the same characteristics as its other sibling, coconut shells. They both possess a highly complex pore structure and fiber matrix, making it the raw material of choice for the production of premium activated carbon. No other type of activated carbon comes close in terms of high iodine values and superior hardness.

As a raw material for fuel briquettes, Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal offer the same calorific characteristics as coconut shells. Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal are characterized with high energy content that is released slowly during combustion owing to its complex fiber matrix structure. Its smaller shell size makes it easier to carbonize for mass production, and its resulting palm shell charcoal can be pressed into a heat efficient bio-fuel briquette.

Our raw material is derived from tens of thousands of hectares of oil palm estate. This ensures a constant stream of palm shells that are of consistent quality, leading to a consistent and growing production of palm charcoal to feed our bio-fuel briquettes and activated carbon needs. 

Color Black Charcoal
Size -
Raw Material Palm Kernel Shell
Capacity (Month) 250 MT