Kroepoek Waroeng Star Shaped


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Kroepoek Waroeng is a new healthy choice range of snacks for busy people, perfect to nibble on and a perfect addition to family meals. Cassava Chips, Mini Rose Onion Crackers, Star-shaped Garlic Crackers and Prawn

Crackers are all made using premium quality ingredients, modern hygienic manufacturing processes and regular quality checks.

They represent the traditional crackers of Indonesia and Cahaya Kencana have worked to develop a world class product that delivers on modern expectations of quality ingredients and superior manufacturing practices that provide a healthier choice and assurance for consumers.

Typically found in street stalls throughout the country, they have been given a new modern life with the launch of the Kroepoek Waroeng range, where customers can still enjoy their traditional crackers with the assurance of safety in quality and production.

Kroepoek Waroeng come in modern zip lock packaging for easy storage and handling. With all the hard work done, they are quick and simple to prepare, taste great and are a healthy snack for the whole family.

With the launch of Kroepoek Waroeng, Cahaya Kencana have created a new and healthier version of Indonesia’s much loved traditional cracker. A great food tradition re created for the 21st century and still going strong.


Color Colorful
Size 500 gram
Raw Material Tapioca Flour
Capacity 12,5 ton/day