Bimbers Brake Fluid Dot 3 - DOT 4


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Bimbers Brake Fluid is a special liquid formulated for ABS, disc & drum brake system. It has an excessive boiling point which is valuable to prevent vapor lock of the fluid. As a result, braking system in vehicle works properly, to deliver one of the most essential aspects of safety driving.

Prevents corrosion on braking system, and safety for rubber parts.


Use DOT 3 for light vehicles i.e. : SUV, MPV, minibus and any typical small to medium vehicles ;

while DOT 4 is for heavy duty trucks i.e. : dump trucks, buses, tractor head, and any typical heavy duty trucks.   


Packing Detail : Carton Box packed 24 bottles @300ml/box ; Dim : 40.5cm x 28cm x 16.5cm 

Price : USD 1.7 / bottles for DOT-3 ; USD 2.4 / bottles for DOT-4

FOB Jakarta Port 


NOTE : OEM is available with a minimum quantity order of 20 feet FCL (approx 34,900 bottles) 

HS Code : 2710.19.50


Color -
Size 300 ml
Raw Material -
Capacity 100000 bottles / month