Table Runner


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Sumba Weaving Motifs Typical Table.

Tablecloths (Table Runners) are processed using traditional tools rather than machines. With a distinctive bright red Sumba motif.

Size: length 188 cm width 50 cm

Yarns used using 100% cotton yarn with super quality, the use of threads that are used 4 times more compared to other woven scarves.

The Use of This Tablecloth:

1. This shawl is usually used when formal events such as invitation or other office events.
2. Pasmina. The long model makes this weaving suitable for use as pasmina or hijab, the soft texture of the fabric will not make it hot or hot if used for pasmina.
2. Tablerunner. The new function in addition to the two uses above is for tablecloths, you can create a beautiful home decor.
Color blue, and red
Size 178 x 50 cm
Raw Material cotton combed gassses
Capacity 100pcs/bulan