Handwoven Motive Sumba


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Wairinding Motif Woven Fabric is woven using Non-Machine Weaving Tools (ATBM). The Wairinding motif itself is taken from the natural beauty of Wairinding Hill, East Sumba and the typical Sumba House Motif called uma mbatangu which has a high peak in the middle. This woven fabric has a blue indigo base with a black motif. This fabric is also equipped with a tassel at the edges. Details of fabric sizes as follows:

Size 248 x 96 cm

This fabric you can use to make custom clothing, for souvenirs, or for other traditional ceremonial equipment. In addition, you can also decorate the room using this Wairinding Woven Fabric.

Color Red and blue
Size long 248 wide 96 cm
Raw Material cotton mercerised
Capacity 100/moth