RBD Palm Olein Oil


Product by :

Pale yellow liquid at room temperature characteristic odor and taste or nearly odorless, free from rancidity or any objectionable odor and taste.

Chemical test:

a. Acid value: Maximum 0,2

b. Equal to FFA as Lauric Acid: Maximum 0,1

c. Color Lovibond 51/4" cell: Red Maximum 2,5 & Yellow Maximum 25

d. Iodine value: 56-64

e. Saponification value: 195-205

f. Refractive Index at 40 C: 1.4600-1.4610

g. Peroxyde value: Maximum 1

h. Kreis test: Negative

i. Could Point: Maximum 7 C

Color Yellow
Size 5 Liter
Raw Material -
Capacity 12 -18 MT / Day