Instant Jamu and Herbal Drinks 75 Grams


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Fresh Temulawak Instant drink has become a prima donna and favorite for Indonesian people. made with traditional ingredients without preservatives, easy and practical for consumption. You can also consume it as a daily drink to start your day.

Fresh Instant Temulawak drink can help relieve heartburn, Ambeyen, clean dirty blood, maintain skin health, prevent premature aging (stay young) Reduce body odor and make the body fresh.

How to serve: Pour 3 or 4 tablespoons of fresh Instant Temulawak drink, according to your taste, into hot / cold water of approximately 200 ml. Serve it and enjoy it immediately, and feel the freshness of its benefits in the morning, afternoon or evening.

For those of you who want a different taste from the others. Fresh Instant Temulawak drink can be mixed with fresh instant turmeric and instant ginger with a ratio of 3 2 1 tablespoons or until it matches the image of the taste you want. Good luck trying to be creative.

Instant drinks are also available in other flavors: instant fresh turmeric drink, instant ginger, instant tamarind turmeric, instant white turmeric, instant moringa leaves and instant kencur rice.


Should be stored at room temperature (30 C)

Come on, protect the cultural heritage of drinking my natural gift for Indonesia! The greatest wealth is my health!

Color Yellow Temulawak
Size 75 Gram
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