Specialty Gayo Arabica Natural Coffee


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Gayo Arabica Green Coffee Bean (Specialty, Natural Process) is coffee originating from the province of Aceh, Indonesia. The province of Aceh has a landscape of hills and mountains which are among the highest in Indonesia. This condition resulted in Aceh to be very fertile for agriculture, especially for coffee. The plateau, with an altitude between 1200-1300 Masl, is ideal for growing coffee, especially Arabica coffee. The sunshine that shines on most of the day and coupled with fertile soil, causes coffee to grow well in this area, so the coffee produced is very different compared to other regions in Indonesia. The resulting coffee can be roasted very well from medium to dark roasts. 

This is the most traditional process method. In the natural or dry process, whole coffee cherries are left to dry in the sun, leaving the fruit on the bean, allowing it to raisin-ify around the bean. Natural fermentation occurs resulting in the creation of complex flavors and sugars.

Color Lite Brown Green
Size 17
Raw Material Coffee Cherry
Capacity (Month) 20 ton / month