Moringa Oleifera Leaf has a gentle flavor that is similar to nettle. It is "green" tasting, subtle, natural and very herbaceous.

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Hikma Indonesia presents beautiful Hibiscus flower supertea. It is most often brewed and sipped as a hot herbal tea. This herbal infusion is a caffeine-free alternative to black and green tea, which both contain the caffeine found naturally in true Camellia Sinensis tea leaves. To balance the tartness and bitterness of the steeped flower, a...

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION :   Condition : New Brand : Nukita Material : 100% made from organic stevia dry...

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION :   Condition : New Brand : Nukita or Private Label Material : 100% made from organic stevia dry leaf. Our Stevia plant is certified from Balai Pengawasan dan Pengujian Mutu Benih (Seed Quality Control And Testing Bureau). Package : 5 pcs, ...

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* Description : Made perfectly with the mature of top grade tobacco and tree-matured cloves which is blended according a special recipe through generations over a decade.

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Clove Aceh is one of the clove varieties that are planted on hillsides that are not too high, ranging from 100 - 500 MDPL with very sufficient sunlight and low humidity. This clove variety has the following characteristics:
1. Clove fruit is not too large, has a medium size of about,+-1 cm.
2. Solid fruit.

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Tangse Robusta coffee has now become a local prima donna in Aceh. We believe this coffee will also have a place in the hearts of national and international coffee lovers. Robusta Tangse coffee beans are very suitable to be used as a mixture of your house-blend coffee powder to produce espresso with a unique taste. Or as an inventory...

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : - Form : Chip - Origin : Merauke, Papua, Indonesia - Color : Dark Brow - Stock : 5-10 (ready July 2017) This Agarwood / Gaharu is original from Merauke, Papua. Why Agarwood or Gaharu is expensive ? The answer is simple, because it's RARE...

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Dear Allow us to introduce our company. PT. PUTRA VJINDO GRUP is a company that enganged in agriculture, planations, and spices.
Our business begins with the condition of the people who generally work as farmers. This is strongly supported by the condition of the region which is so fertile with abundant...

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Good Quality, Natural 100%, Fresh from Plantation

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Alpinia Galanga a plant in the ginger family, bears a rhizome used largely as an Herb in Unani medicine and as a spice in Arab cuisine and southeast asian cookery. it is one of four plants known as " Galangal ", and is differentiated from the others with the common names lengkuas, greater galangal and blue...

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