Rubber is produced through the management of cultivation techniques and is processed in a Smoked Process with due regard to the quality management system.

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Rice husk ash is a by-product of agriculture and is generated in rice mills. Rice husk (rice hull) is the coating of seeds or grains of rice. This coating protects the seed or grain during the growing season. The husk converts to hard materials, including opaline silica and lignin. When properly burnt, rice husk contains high amounts of silica...

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Waring type RK is. Waring with the best quality that is on the market by using double thread stitching that binds to each other makes this waring anti shear on each hole so as to make the durability of waring stronger, not easy to break and durable.For large bookings, the negotiated price

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This RK 3 Track waring has strength in seams between is not easy to shift because from 1 thread to another has a double layer even up to 3 threads so that waring RK 3 TRACK is able to last long and able to survive in all kinds of weather at once.

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Coffee is a popular coffee bean for brewing, and is one of the world's most cultivated commodities in more than 50 countries. Two species of coffee trees that are generally known are Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora) and Arabica Coffee (Coffea arabica). Coffee contains essential nutrients such as chromium, potassium, niacin, vitamin E, and...

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We specialize in producing various kinds of low caffeine coffee/decaffeinated coffee: - Solvent Free - No Chemical Added - No Artificial Flavour Added   If you have any queries, please kindly do not hesitate to contact us.     Best...

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Robusta Coffee: 1. The character of the strong taste and aroma of Robusta coffee, 2. The acidity level in robusta tends to be high and the viscosity level (body) is moderate to strong 3. The main ingredient in making popular drinks mixed with milk, milk cream, or chocolate, such as cappuccino, caffee latte, macchiato, and...

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robusta coffee bean Indonesia

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