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Our VCO proceed from natural and fresh coco meat by coldpress machinery.. Get VCO Got Healthy

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Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a pure natural oil that is originally from coconut meat (copra). The production of Virgin Coconut Oil is different with RBD Coconut Oil. In the process of making Virgin Coconut Oil, there is no any heat treatment involved. Virgin Coconut Oil contain fatty acids which are good for human body. It...

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Bulk cocoa is produced through the management of cultivation techniques and is processed in a wash process.

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White Cardamon (Amomum compactum) Origin: West Java, West Sumatera Colour: Light yellowish Moisture content: 12-14% Foreign matter: 2%...

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White Copra is dried meat of coconut that are cut in half. There are three basic grades of copra. The lowest grade of copra has a bit black or yellowing color, and commonly used for the production of RBD Coconut Oil. While the other two grades can be categorized of White Copra, which...

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Usage : High Grade Oil Milling Origin : Indonesia Moisture content : Max 6% FFA Content : Max 0.5% Oil Content : 61-63% Burnt : Max 2% Smoky : Max 5% Ruberry : Max 5% Colour : White Free from fungus, mold and dirt

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- Diameter 9-13 cm - Moisturize 5% - Not cutting - Not moldy - May have holes EXWORK : PORT SURABAYA

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The dried ripe fruit grown in the plant called (Piper nigrum L.). Whole dried White Pepper berries shall be smooth surface, slightly flattened at one pole and small protuberence at the other. The berries are picked after ripe, fermented and are then sun-dried. They have a hot, piney...

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General Specification : Foreign matter : 2% Moisture : 14% Density : 610 G/L Quality : FAQ

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Pepper is the first cultivated commodity in Aceh. This pepper was originally  introduced by merchants from Malabar, India in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. Pepper was then cultivated by the Acehnese and became the first commodity in the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam. This commodity is one of reasons that cause Portuguese want to...

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