· Main Component : Trans-Caryophyllene (min30%), Germacrene, alpha-humulene, alpha-farnese, delta-cadiene · 100% Pure Natural · Oil is obtained by the steam distillation of the dried leaves of...

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Citronella Oil is produced from grass (Cymbopogon winteranus) by steam distillation. This grass plant (Cymbopogon winteranus) comes from rare Sri and Javanese (Indonesian).
Widely used for other cosmetic products such as perfumes, candles and soaps. Citronella Oil can also be used to repel insects in plants, has long been used in ...

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Clove oil or clove oil is an essential oil that is produced from the distillation of clove plant parts, especially clove leaves and flowers. All parts of the clove plant contain oil, but the flowers have the most oil content. This oil is rich in phenylpropanoids, which are a group of compounds from plants with the main compound, namely...

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Overview - Quick Details : We serve cooking oil from coconut oil and Virgin Coconut Oil ( VCO ) made from the highest quality coconut. We always maintain quality and hygiene so that it is very safe for human consumption

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Crude Coconut Oil (CNO) is similar to RBD Coconut Oil, but it is less processed. Crude Coconut Oil is the extraction from coconut meat (copra). Although it is less processed compare to RBD Coconut Oil, but we also ensure that our Crude Coconut Oil do not have any bad contaminants. Crude Coconut...

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Crude Palm Kernel Oil 

FFA max 5%
Moisture max 0.25%

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Oil is obtained from the distillation process using hydro or steam, ginger is widely planted in Java and South Sumatra. for the process of ginger stems that are ready to be tied, thick, cream-colored, can also be called a rhizome will produce ginger oil. Ginger has a rich aroma such as spicy, olfactory, sweet, ...

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java citronella oil citronella 35 up bulk sales,for industrial consumption

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Kami CV MEGA SURYA  Produk Kami di jamin asli karna langsung dari Petani Mitra Dan binaan kami

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The first process is nutmeg grinding after that to produce extraction, by steam distillation process. Nutmeg is a favorite for many culinary dishes or seasonings for cooking, the taste is a little sweeter, widely used for fragrances and medicines as well as natural flavorings for baked goods, drinks, sweets...

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organic java citronella oil (certified by eco cert ) bulk in UN certified drum 180 kg capacity high quality,from sustainable ,traceabilty farm

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