A fiber extracted from ripe coconut for use as a mixture for making coir mattresses, rubber coir pads, coir pillows, carpet underlay, seat cushions and for insulation of drainage pipes.The coco pads are sprayed with rubber latex, which binds the fibers together (rubber coir)        and is widely used as a seat...

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Coconut coir is part of the mesocarp in the form of coarse coconut fibers. Coir is usually referred to as waste that is simply piled under coconut stands and then left to rot or dry. It can be used as raw material for making car seats, mattresses, ropes and much more. Coconut Fiber Spesifiction as follows : Colour : Golden...

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Cocopeat is a by-product of coconut after we extract the fiber from the coconut shell. In simple terms, cocopeat is a sponge made from crushed or softened coconut fiber. Cocopeat has the ability to hold large amounts of water like a sponge. It can be used for seeding nurseries, lawn and golf course, home gardening, and bedding in animal...

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Cocopeat is a multi purpose growing medium made out of coconut husk. The fibrous coconut husk is pre washed, machine dried, sieved and made free from sand and other contaminations such as animal and plant residue. Cocopeat is a very good alternative to traditional peat moss and Rock wool. Its air filled porosity and high water holding capacity...

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We are pleased to introduce our company CV Megatrading Agri Corpora as

manufacture of agriculture product and supplier of dried leaves from Indonesia. We have been exporting various dried leaves such as banana, papaya, graviola, taro, catappa, cassia alata, teak leaves and many more to various countries

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We produce at the same time sell dried papaya leaves, dried taro leaves, dried Jabon / Kadam leaves and dried leaves other from indonesia which in chopped use machine. Looking for buyers from all over the world. *Price negotiable We as a manufacturer we would like to work together by providing product and price...

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Dear Buyer We are pleased to introduce our company CV MAC as manufacture of agriculture product and supplier of various dried leaves from Indonesia.  We have been exporting various dried leaves such as taro/gabi, catappa, grass jelly, banana, papaya, graviola, catappa, mulbery, guava leaves , etc  to various...

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High Acid Oil Specification
FFA 15% max
MNI 3% max

Available: -

Palm acid oil or POME Specification
FFA Min 40%
MNI Max 3%

Available: 1000 ton in stock

Palm Broomstick Commodity                                : Broom Stick (Ekel ) – HSCODE : 14049099 Item...

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Rice husk ash is a by-product of agriculture and is generated in rice mills. Rice husk (rice hull) is the coating of seeds or grains of rice. This coating protects the seed or grain during the growing season. The husk converts to hard materials, including opaline silica and lignin. When properly burnt, rice husk contains high amounts of silica...

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