UD HM BANGKIT is an exporter for agricultural products in Indonesia such as fruits, spices, tubers etc. For those of you who need agricultural products as above, you can directly contact us at the following number whatsapp : +6285715870551 e-mail : anggicristianto@gmail.com

Available: 100000 in stock

Coconut Sugar or Coconut Brown Sugar is one of the natural sweeteners that has a low calorie made from the main ingredient is neera of coconut tree. This sugar has a very different characteristic compared to normal white sugar, has a distinctive aroma, a long storage life with a moisture content of 2-3%, easily soluble in cold / hot water,...

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Available: 500 ton per year in stock

Fresh taro root from Indonesia 

Available: 20 tons/month in stock

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Moringa has been considered as one of the most nutritious plants ever discovered with most of its benefits concentrated in its small green leaves. The leaves contain all essential amino acids and...

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Kemasan dalam gambar adalah untuk pemasaran dalam negeri. Untuk export dapat disesuaikan dengan permintaan buyer

Available: 480 ton per tahun in stock

Available: 480 Ton per tahun in stock