Available: 70 TON/MONTH in stock

Available: 70 TON/MONTH in stock

Bean Products

Bacem Tempe

Min Order : 720 pcs/ 1 pallete
Tempe bacem in a can. Tempe bacem is a indigenouse Indonesian food containing processed tempeh with sweet taste from brown sugar and Indonesian spices.

Available: 10000 can/month in stock

Greetings from Indocashewnut
available pure white cashew kernels native to Indonesia. Open questions for interested and genuine buyers only Paid samples will be available according to your requirements. Thanks and regards,

Available: 100mt in stock

Original from Gayo, Aceh Provence, Indonesia Kind of Coffee = Arabica and Robusta Selected from high quality of arabica and robusta coffee bean. - Wine Taste process by fermentation - Full Wash, system of washing - Civet Coffe ( Luwak Coffe ) from wild civet.

Available: 200-1000kg / month in stock

Specification : Fat Content             : 25% to 65% Moisture content     : 2.50% FFA                         : 0,02%    

Available: 20 Ton in stock


Available: 500 in stock

Coffee green beans selected from red cherry coffee fruits

Available: 30 Tons per month in stock

House Blended Arabica-Robusta is a unique blend of coffee products between selected robusta coffee beans and selected arabica coffee beans from tatarpriangan to produce the extraordinary taste of a cup of coffee. very suitable to be used as espresso base. This Product is...

Available: 20 ton / year in stock

Bean Products

Instan Tempe

Min Order : 1 pallete/2592 pcs
Instant tempe is atempe kit that contains dried soybeans that we have processed and yeast. Consumer can prepare themselves very easily

Available: 10000/ pcs per month in stock

Available: 500kg/minggu in stock

Terbuat Dari Kacang Tanah Asli

Available: 3 ton in stock