Specification : Fat Content             : 25% to 65% Moisture content     : 2.50% FFA                         : 0,02%    

Available: 20 Ton in stock

halal and pirt permit (document) ingredients made of natural composition namely wheat flour, tapioca flour, salt, water and fruits / vegetables 100 gram net weight expired 8 months

Available: 17 ton/month in stock

Overview – Quick Detail : We serve tapioca flour from cassava which is made from quality and hygienic cassava so it is very safe to use for food mixtures. With the following specifications: Whiteness 90.17; Spotness 0.5; Thinnes 99.15%; Moisture content 11.92%; Ph of flour 5.67 we can provide For...

Available: 20 metrix ton/month in stock