Specification of Alkalized Cocoa powder (MOQ : 100 - 200 KG) 1. Moisture 2.25 - 3.35 2. Fat 15.47 - 17.70 3 pH 7.49 - 7.70 4. Fineness 99.78 - 99.90 5. Salmonellae Negative 6. Coliform Negative 7. Flavor sweet scented Yudhi Rulando CP : +62 859-4528-5053

Available: 1000 MT / month in stock

HANANI Cocoa powder is 100% cocoa, pressed and blended cocoa bean from Africa and Asia region. HANANI natural and alkalised cocoa powder with colors ranging from light brown, brown, dark brown, and reddish brown, has a rich aroma, great texture, and fantastic taste profile. Its powder offers a portfolio of...

Available: 100 tonnes per month in stock

Original cocoa powder derived from cocoa beans is best suited for making cakes, cookies, biscuits, brownies and other general menus. Based on the test results, there are several useful compounds, including antioxidant compounds (polyphenols and flavonoids), alkaloid compounds.

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High-quality cocoa powder is suitable for use as an ingredient in drinks, pasta, ice cream, ganache and various other favorite dishes, based on test results, there are vitamin content including vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin C, vitamin K

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