Overview - Quick Details : We present furniture with the best shape with high quality teak wood as a base material, has fine fiber, with neat workmanship. We also accept orders based on requests from buyers for shapes, sizes, wood materials, models and others.

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Bolster pillow made of silicone inside with soft and smooth cover

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This rattan cane headboard is produced for Cane Furniture especially for Bedroom area.  Size and design can be customized based on client request. For more information regarding product you can contact rattanmeuble. 

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The focal point of this collection is the bed frame advance geometry, a maestro of subtle detail, boasting an almost serpentine curvature to it’s silhouette. This sleek, low profile look is couple with a clean and simple headboard. A perfect accompaniment to this straight forward frame is the two nightstand wich feature an open...

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