Wall Decoration Aborigin Mask Painting Wood Natural Color with Glass, Size in cetimeter: long 16 , wide 3 , high 100. Nett Weight 1500 grams. Home Decoration |Wall Decoration | Giving # Craft # Wooden Craft # Handicraft # Painting Wood Natural Color and Glass style

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Notebooks from we are the walrus that matched your identity.

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Round shape waste paper bin with lid made from wicker water hyacinth. Artisan use traditional braid techniques to create decorative yet durable pieces.

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- Made from Blacu Fabric - Hand Writing Batik - Size: 40 x 160cm

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Handmade bookmark from synthetic leather. Stick from wood. Total length: 19cm.

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Hand Made with Bamboo Root mixed with Wooden material
CBM 0.0095 
Exwork price 
packaging : Paper packing, if use box there is extra cost for 5 USD per 25pcs  
Minimum order 1x20 container, can be mixed items 
Delivery time: 8 weeks or more, depends on the quantity order

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Set of 4 wicker rattan storages basket

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This wicker tray is handwoven and 100% made of water hyacinth with a metal frame. The hyacinth tray has many uses as a bread basket, kitchen tray, vegetable basket, food basket. It is always easy to clean.

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