The Antiga Basket comes in a set of 3 and are suitable for home organizer, helping to tidy up a cabinets or shelves. Each of them made from water hyacinth using handwoven method and available in set, with size as follow. A: L. 35 cm x W. 25 cm x H. 19 cm B: L. 32 cm x W. 22 cm x H....

Available: 100 set / month in stock

A single basket made from natural raffia palm leaves (Corypha utan sp.) handwoven in its natural and black color. The structure of this basket is using natural rattan core therefore it gives a firm shape but less rigid.  Dimension: D. 37 cm x H. 37 cm  

Available: 400 pcs / month in stock

Multifunction Basket from Banana Bark

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Multifunction decorative basket from banana bark

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Handwoven basket storage organizer made from water hyacinth. It is divided by three storage parts, two (2) smaller parts are 10 x 12.5 cm and bigger part is 12.5 x 21.5 cm. This basket storage are suitable for Kitchen Utensil, Spices or Bath Organizer.

Available: 400 pcs/month in stock

Multifunctions basket from banana basket and rafia

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