"Batik Garutan" hand stamped batik are made by hand with a copper printing block dipped in hot wax and then stamped on the fabric. When the fabric was dyed, the pattern was resisted by the wax. Color is generally dominated by other bright colors which are characteristic of Batik Garutan. In addition to the main...

Available: 120 dozen/day in stock

Batik tulis & batik cap motif ciri khas sumatera utara

Available: 350pcs in stock

Bahan Baju dan Selendang Bordir Karancang khas Sumatera Barat.

Available: 50 in stock

Selendang, dan Bahan Baju Sulam Khas Sumatera Barat.

Available: 50 in stock

tenunan songket khas sumatera barat

Available: 50 in stock

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