Besides Ulos, Songket Batak is traditional textile crafts from North Sumatra. It is handmade. There are 3 types of traditional textile woven according to how they are made: handmade (traditional loom), loom made by machine loom (fabric/manufacture), and loom made with non-machine loom (semi machine loom). We offer the handmade one by...

Available: 100 pieces in stock

Palembang hand made woven which used for your best occasional such as wedding, family party or others. it made by hand with traditional woven tool for making this magnificent woven.    

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Songket Tenun Asli Khas Palembang Motif : Bintang Berante Kain Tenun Songket asli diproduksi dalam jangka waktu 2-3 Bulan/set

Available: 3 setel in stock