Baby Diapers Sayangku High Absorption - Extra Soft & Comfort - Pad Extra Dry + Slim Shape - Breathable Backsheet Halal Certificate Affordable Price Size : Available: S, M, L, XL, and XXL

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Fitocare Eucalyptus Oil can warm the body and calm the mood. Fitocare does not contain preservatives and other chemical compounds, so it is safe for all ages, including infants and children that contain 100% Cajuputi Oleum. This oil also useful to help eliminate flatulence, stomach ache, and itching caused by insect bites. Fitocare comes in a...

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Baby Powder enrich with Vit E Netto 150gr fragrant and soft on the skin

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Baby cream: Moisturizes, sooth and calms sensitive skin. Also acts as antioxidant agent Baby lotion: Antioxidant agent that effectively moisturizes sensitive skin while soothing redness and irritation. Available in calming aroma Baby oil: Antioxidant agent that effectively moisturizes sensitive skin while...

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Sweety bronze pants is economy and affordable price - More absorbent - Fit and comfort

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Sweety fit pants is a regular baby diaper product. The USP of this product : - Wetness indicator - Extra Absorbent - Comfort and fit pants - 360 degrees Soft strecthable  Waist - Full range product start from small up to super jumbo pack - Best seller export...

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Sweety pants gold is our premium product. The product USP : - Diamond Embossed Topsheet, Soft like cushion - Extra Absorbency - Overnight diaper - Disposable tape - Wetness indicator

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