Amara Beauty Bag is a children's make up set. Contain with blush on, eyeshadow, & lipgloss. Netto : 4.1 Gr.

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Amara Magical Heart Make Up Kit is a children's make up set with heart shaped. Contain with 16 color eyeshadow (yellow, orange, gold, white, green, green glitter, dark green glitter, silver, blue, black glitter, pink glitter, purple glitter, light purple, dark purple, pale pink, pink magenta), 2 color blush on (Pink & Warm Pink), 1...

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All in one make up kit for children's. Bag Shaped packaging with chains & mirror. Contain with eyeshadow, lip gloss, compact powder, blush on & lipstick. Netto : 26.8 Gr.

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Name of goods                                 : Danish Mask...

Available: 10000 pcs per month in stock

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Individual Lashes / Flares.

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high quality human hair Soft and lightweight, specially designed for comfort Imported adhesive from Korea made from safe ingredients, has been tested and certified in a cliché, non-allergenic and non-irritating

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