IT IS CALLED BATIK TULIS SPECIFIK DESIGN FROM KEDIRI TOWN, EAST JAVA, INDONESIA. THE SIZE STANDARD OF CLOTH SHEET IS 100 cm x 210 cm with the Price vary begin from 28 USD, 39 USD and 53 USD FOB Port Tanjung Perak, Surabaya City. In this case there are 3 ( three) Catagory of Price. It depends among others on the...

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THERE ARE TWO CATAGORY OF BATIK AT Kediri Town, East Java, Indonesia concerning the process of producing.  The First is called BATIK TENUN IKAT from Central area Of Bandar District Of handmade home Industry. The standard size of one piece of BATIK TENUN IKAT khas Kediri is 90 cm x 250 cm. This is as a raw...

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IT IS CALLED BATIK TENUN IKAT, Minimum Order 6 Pieces, the Sarong size is 120 cm x 120 cm  and the size every piece of Cloth is  90 cm x 250 cm ( Standard ). The Products size of Sarong instantly the sheet size of clothing and also the motif/ design of products can be ordered concern what the customers...

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