Cocoa Original Indonesia Organic Process Type : Fermented and Non Fermented Quality Export

Available: 10 Ton per Month in stock

Green Bean Coffee Arabica and Robusta Original from Indonesia Mountain farmer with in the 1400 Meter above.

Available: 15 Ton/Month in stock

Battery Nagoya for Motorcycle use with free maintenance-easy to use Plug and play, and no need rechargeable. Dry Battery  we are Distributor battery Nagoya in indonesia

Available: 100000 in stock

Vanilla Bean Original Indonesia. Our Product have 2 kind type : BlackTahiti and Plano Lenght...

Available: 1 Ton / Month in stock

Fresh Organic Ginger Type : Big Ginger or Red Ginger

Available: 15 Ton Per Month in stock

Charchoal Coconut Briquettes High Quality Premium Go...

Available: 40 Ton / Month in stock

Accu battery free maintenance and no recharge Dry Battery   

Available: 100000 in stock

Mung Bean Indonesian Product Packaging in 25/50 Kgs PP Bag, Or Depend on buyer requested. Color : Fresh Green Moisture : 15% Max Admixture : 0.5% Max Imperfect Rate : 3% Max Shape : Oval Dry Process : Done Count : 3mm (Avg)  

Available: 40 Ton/Month in stock