We produce honey and derivatives, take from natural honey. Depend on colony of bee produce honey in special of tree. 1. Multiflora tree 2. Rambutan Tree 3.Organic Honey from forest 4.Herbal Honey 5.Propolis Honey  

Available: 1000 kg / month in stock

Original from Gayo, Aceh Provence, Indonesia Kind of Coffee = Arabica and Robusta Selected from high quality of arabica and robusta coffee bean. - Wine Taste process by fermentation - Full Wash, system of washing - Civet Coffe ( Luwak Coffe ) from wild civet.

Available: 200-1000kg / month in stock

Specification      : Raw Material Natural Rubber (NR), Chloroprene Rubber, Sillicon  ( Depend on Kind Product and Requirement ) Design, Size and Material depend on customer requirement Process : Heating , Moulding  

Available: 10.000 - 20.000 pcs /month in stock