Premium Banana Leaves are produced from bananas that have been fully expanded:
1. Fill 6 sheets / pack
2. Choice of banana leaves
3. Export quality
4. Banana leaves hold fresh for 3 weeks
5. It's clean, ready to use
6. Ready stock
7. Safe for long distance and even international shipping

Available: 50 MT in stock

Halaban/Alaban hardwood charcoal is lump hardwood charcoal from hard wood halaban (vitex pubescens vahl). The characteristics of alaban charcoal are advantageous such as the great use of effect thanks to its hard substance, no spark is caused when burned, no pungent odor is emitted and the smoke produced when burned is few. One of the main...

Available: 120 MT in stock

Coconut Sugar or Coconut Brown Sugar is one of the natural sweeteners that has a low calorie made from the main ingredient is neera of coconut tree. This sugar has a very different characteristic compared to normal white sugar, has a distinctive aroma, a long storage life with a moisture content of 2-3%, easily soluble in cold / hot water,...

Available: 15 MT in stock