"Batik Garutan" hand stamped batik are made by hand with a copper printing block dipped in hot wax and then stamped on the fabric. When the fabric was dyed, the pattern was resisted by the wax. Color is generally dominated by other bright colors which are characteristic of Batik Garutan. In addition to the main...

Available: 120 dozen/day in stock

Organic farming is an agricultural system that can create optimal and sustainable agro-ecosystems socially, ecologically, economically as well as ethically. Our organic rice product is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemical as found, for example in fertilizers, insecticides, preservatives, seed treatment, hormones...

Available: 40 tons/month in stock

Natural fibers have been offering many advantages over the synthetic fibers in recent years. The advantages of natural fiber as reinforcement composite are low price, low density, easy to be separated, abundantly available, renewable,biodegradable, and no health hazard. Traditionally, Mendong grass and seagrass has been used for a...

Available: 3000 unit/month in stock

"JASMINE" Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is a natural sweetener produced from the nectar of coconut palm blossoms (Coco Nucifera). Once collected, the nectar is boiled and dried into granular form with standard screen (mesh). It is a simple process that doesn't require any refining or processing like many other sweeteners. It its...

Available: 60 tons/month in stock

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