1 box contains 10 bottles. Every 1 bottle contains 100 ml, the size is more than other sanitizer products, but still with guaranteed quality. One box contains 10 bottles consisting of 5 bottles of hand sanitizer gel & 5 bottles of hand sanitizer spray. Hand Cleansing Gel & Spray Contains 70 Percent Alcohol to protect against bacteria,...

Available: 100 Ml in stock

Honey Products

Habs Pro

Min Order : 300 Bottle
  HABASPRO 1 bottle: 50 capsules Habspro is a premium herbal capsules formulated from Black Seed and extract of Propolis and Bee Pollen with 10 times the nutritional content of ordinary Habatussauda, ​​containing 4x fold Propolis than liquid...

Available: 50 capsule in stock

Bean Products


Min Order : 200 Box
LVN CALCIUM 1 Box  X 10 shacet 15gr Improve Iq To The Intelligent & Strong Children Like Superhero Calcium is important for building strong bones and teeth, promoting nerve development and muscle function, helping blood clotting and activating enzymes that ...

Available: 15 Gram in stock

Lip Make-up


Min Order : 300 pcs
LIP MATTE CREAM 1 bolot contains 5 Ml. with many color choices There are 20 color choices with attractive color names in various cities in the world Make you more PD, of course. LVN LipMatte Make Makeup More Natural Don't stick Matte does not dry out lips Durable (Long Lasting) Competitive Price, OK Quality and more contents Registered BPOM ...

Available: 5 ml in stock

  LVN SLIM 1 BOX  x 10 SHACET (15 gr) LVN SLIM contains SPIRULINA as a super-concentrated nutrient-rich food that can help suppress hunger and feel full. Spirulina is known as a food additive that has a very high protein content, so it is often used as a...

Available: 15 gr in stock

Fuel System

Fuel saver

Min Order : 100 Box
ECO RACING is a proud fuel additive product from Bandung-Indonesia which has gone through ITB undergraduate research for 10 years, has gone through laboratory tests, has gone through the Dynotest test and is proven to increase power and acceleration in vehicles that improve the quality of local fuel and other products. ECO RACING has also...

Available: 10 mg in stock


Econaxx Coffee

Min Order : 300 box
ECONAXX COFFEE This 1 box of 10 sachets (25 gr).Econaxx coffee is a coffee drink that can provide stamina and strength. Besides being able to energize you in carrying out daily activities, this coffee drink can also make a husband and wife relationship closer, especially in intimate relationships. ECONAXX BENEFITS OF COFFEE: 1....

Available: 25 gr in stock

LVN COLLAGEN LVN Collagen, as the name suggests contains Collagen which functions as a Nutrition for the skin. Human skin will gradually experience aging, and not young anymore because of lack of collagen intake. COMPOSITION: Fish Collagen, Glysin, L-Glutathione, Cane Extract, Premix Mineral...

Available: 20 Gram in stock

LVN Beauty Skincare consists of several, among others, lvn serum, lvn day cream, lvn night cream, lvn Peeling lotion and lvn Cleansing Oil. LVN Serum is a special formulation of skin care products with a combination of vitamin C, Vitamin E and Collagen contents, to help disguise the signs of...

Available: 15 ML & 30 Ml in stock