1. Nutree-V a. Nama dagang/Trade brand : NuTree-V
b. Nomor Pendaftaran/Registration Number : 03.02.2020.414
c. Jenis Pupuk/Fertilizer Type : Hayati Majemuk
d. Bentuk Formula/Formula : Liquid
e. Warna/Color : Coklat/Brown
f. Ukuran kemasan/Packaging size: 1liter, 5 liter, 10L dan 20 liter

Available: 30,000 ton/month in stock

Indonesian ginger is best known for its special taste and spiciness.   Types of gingers: red ginger (jahe merah) and fresh ginger (jahe gajah).

Available: 50 tons/month in stock

What are the benefits of citronella oil? as an insect repellent. as an antifungal agent. to treat parasitic infections. to promote wound healing. to lift mood or fight fatigue. in perfumes or as a flavor additive in food.

Available: -

Herbicides or weed killer is used to control unwanted plants Surfactan: Organic Glicoseacid Made in Indonesia

Available: -

Cashew nuts are very popular because of their taste, which is generally processed again as snacks such as fried cashews, cashew nut sauce, as a chocolate topping, as an ice cream topping, and so on. Cashew nuts also contain many benefits that are good for our health, including: Cashew nuts contain good fats that are useful...

Available: 100 ton/month in stock